Eric James Wilson is pleased to meet you.
Eric Says Hello
Eric is a senior at College for Creative Studies located in the rust belt capital: Detroit, Michigan. He is keenly interested in multidisciplinary, research-based design solutions for the greater good. He creates flexible identity systems, motion and interactive media, and of course, thoughtfully-designed publications and print collateral.

He is a fan of literary fiction, poetry, visual culture studies and sociopolitical theory (which is much more fun than it sounds). In addition to designing, he loves to in-line skate and is an amateur kite flyer. He doesn’t believe in the oxford comma, plants flowers in the springtime and loves lists, em dashes, fluorescent spot colors, uncoated paper stocks, risography, serigraphy, soft touch UV coating and iridescent foil debossing.
Things Eric Has Done
Skidmore Studio, Detroit
Creative Intern
05.18 – Present

You Vs. Jesus, Detroit
Freelance Designer
12.17 – Present

One Magnify, Detroit
Creative Intern → Junior Designer
05.17 – 05.18

DRIVEN Creative Supply Co, Ferndale
Design Intern
02.17 – 05.17

College for Creative Studies, Detroit
Peer Tutor
08.16 – 02.17
Say Hi to Eric
Phone: 1.248.506.9552
Instagram: @eric.james.wilson
Things Eric Has Learned
College for Creative Studies, Detroit
BFA Communication Design
08.15 – 05.19
Eric Has Been Recognized
Detroit Color Council
1st Place Color Council Award

Graphic Design USA
Student To Watch Award

1st Year Connexion Conference, CCS, Detroit
Guest Speaker

College for Creative Studies, Detroit
1st Place Brewer-Smallenberg Creative Nonfiction Writers' Award

2018 NASAD Accreditation Exhibit, CCS, Detroit
Exhibited Works

2018 Student Exhibition, CCS, Detroit
Exhibited Works
05.18 – 08.18

2017 Student Exhibition, CCS, Detroit
Exhibited Works
05.17 – 08.17

2016 Student Exhibition, CCS, Detroit
Exhibited Works
05.16 – 08.16

Eric Can Write Code
This site was designed and developed by Eric James Wilson in the cold weeks of December 2017 and January 2018. All music data is live fed, from the embarrassing pop songs to the complex free jazz and everything in between.