Aquaprofunda! is a community-based activist group pushing for equitable, radical water access in the city of Detroit. Due to a number of factors, the city of Detroit has been notorious for shutting off water to poverty-stricken residents at a disproportional rate. While Aquaprofunda! does not solve the crisis, it attempts to educate and empower individuals to become activists within their own community. Through free literature that is available for download, as well as at local libraries, liquor stores and places of worship, radical water strategies will start to become more accessible to as many people as possible.

Aquaprofunda! aims to be a tool that can scale up in organic ways. In keeping with its low-cost ethos, all publications are printed on recycled newsprint at letter size to minimize waste and maximize surface area. This is combined with online access, a sticker set to mark a house as a community center, and a kit of parts which can be used by anyone to design within the standards of the organization.

Tools Used InDesign, Acrylic, Vinyl, Newsprint, Humans
Completed April 2018
Aquaprofunda! was inspired by research undertaken by myself in collaboration with Hunter Thackham. We examined the state of water in Detroit, in comparison with overall statewide statistics. Our findings were organized and designed into a publication named in honor of the Great Lakes. From invasive species to water crises and our failing infrastructure, this book aims to cover as much ground as possible in an informative and accessible way.

Tools Used InDesign, Illustrator, Hammermill Copy Paper
Completed March 2018