Collateral Sans is a heavyweight sans-serif typeface based on the idiosyncrasies of hand painted sign type throughout the Detroit-Hamtramck-Highland Park area. The typefaces features glyphs that bob and weave above and below the baseline, beveled corners and swash-like terminating points that are reminiscent of the imperfections of brush lettering by semi-trained artists. Looking specifically at liquor stores, pawn shops and discount dollar stores, Collateral Sans embraces all that is vernacular and synthesizes it into a sans-serif with personality that works great at display sizes but uses open counters to maintain readability at small point sizes. In addition to a typeface, Collateral Sans comes in a set of custom laser-cut fluorescent acrylic stencils that can be used to create sign painted graphics on any surface without the expertise needed to freehand the letterforms.

Tools Used Glyphs, Adobe Illustrator, Pen, Pencil, Graph Paper, Tracing Vellum, Laser Cutter
Completed December 2017
Collateral Sans: A Vernacular Typeface