Life or Death? was a limited campaign that attempted to condense the phenomena of an election into a 7-day process. By using social media to blast out links to the Life or Death? voting page, users were confronted with a set of three questions without context. Whether or not they understood what they were voting for, they still had the ability to fill out an anonymous ballot which then led them to a countdown page. On the evening of the campaign end, the results were broadcast and users could view the accompanying live stream of the destruction (or growth) of an object in a sterile, uncomfortable setting. The final live stream was determined by the majority opinion, and was fashioned as a performance piece. By flipping the meaning of words and actions, we meant to imbue humor as well as the destructive nature of language taken out of context.

This project used the ideas of relational design to create an open system with an end result that would be determined by users of said system. In simplest terms, an input to an output. Using the Google Firebase system we wrote a custom script that would count and display the voter's answers to our ballot, and then developed a list of potential outcomes which we then filmed and broadcast out as the end to a weird and wonderful campaign of garish web-safe colors.

This project was created in collaboration with Kylie O'Neill. The microsite can be visited here.

Tools Used HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, Google Firebase, Eggs
Completed December 2017
Life or Death?