Perfume is a complex solution made up of countless organic and inorganic compounds that, when mixed together, create ephemeral scents that please the senses and evoke something mysterious deep within us.

In trying to visualize what fragrance is, a challenge became clear&emdash;how can something invisible be made visible? This brought out the direction of the project: create a series of complex infographics based on the science and mysticism that surrounds modern perfumery, that were to be etched into a clear substrate that would emulate the glass of perfume bottles. Through this series, the user must explore the data as it drifts in and out of view based on the light sources around the installation space, which constantly changes depending on the time of day. The data, like fragrance itself, is fleeting yet, ever present.

Tools Used Cast Acrylic, Laser Cutter, AAXA LED Projector, Neenah Pearlized Paper
Completed February 2018
Head Heart & Base | An Exploration of Fragrance