Resilient Detroit is a speculative design project based on a current issue in Detroit. I focused on the construction of the M1 Rail, (now the QLine) a street car that is projected to increase property values and increase investment (read: gentrify) across 3 miles of the Woodward and Cass corridors of Detroit. With increased property values comes long-time displacement of long-time businesses, most often black-owned businesses. In order to proactively address these potential issues, I looked at creating an application that would work in tandem with the M-1 rail that uses stop and location data to pinpoint and highlight the POC and women led businesses in the areas in order to drive foot traffic and help to mitigate some of the effects of the new rail line.

The microsite for this project can be visited here.

Tools Used After Effects, HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript & JQuery, Logic Pro X
Completed March 2017
Resilient Detroit