The Scientific Study of UFOs is a 1968 report on the scientific validity of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe that was funded by the University of Colorado and the United States Air Force. I was given this text in a raw format and tasked with developing it into a cohesive publication. I developed grid systems and typographic pairings, typeset and redesigned figures (which looked quite garish at first), tables and charts. I designed the book from the ground up to final production in a little over six weeks.

From raw, unformatted text I assigned over 75 levels of hierarchy and style and systematized all aspects of the book. A keen eye and attention to detail was necessary at every step to ensure consistency and typographic clarity to a book that ended up over 650 pages long. I chose off white and cement green paper stocks from French to emulate yellowed government documents, with a complimentary orange reminiscent of 1960s sci-fi interiors. The truth exists, I want to believe.

Tools Used InDesign, Illustrator, French Dur-O-Tone Butcher White, French Construction Cement Green
Completed December 2016
Scientific Study of UFOs