Woodbridge is a vibrant, historic neighborhood in Detroit that I am an active part of. Victorian homes line the streets like red-bricked gingerbread houses and in the spring, flowers blossom on front lawns. On occasion, rats might rustle from your crawlspace but they don't mean any harm.

This book is a celebration and documentation of the wonderful neighborhood of Woodbridge. From archival pamphlets and ephemera to my own hand-drawn illustrations of architecture styles, this book seeks to capture a moment in time through a carefully curated collection of experiences and items. As editor and designer, I gave the neighborhood a distinctive voice and imbued the publication with a sense of fun and education while maintaining a sophistication in interpretation of vernacular themes.

Tools Used InDesign, Illustrator, Faber-Castell Pens, French Pop-Tone Sweet Tooth, Perfect Bind Machine
Completed March 2018
Politicians, Pickle Barons, Gingerbread Gables & Fishscale Shingles