Woodbridge is a vibrant, historic neighborhood in Detroit that I have resided in for quite a few years. Victorian homes line the streets like red-bricked gingerbread houses and children play on the front lawns. On occasion, rats might rustle from your crawlspace but they don't mean any harm.

In this neighborhood, like others in the city, there exists a soccer team that was in need of a new identity and I was asked to create one that embodied all that is Woodbridge while staying close to the traditional crests of European leagues. I reimagined the identity as a crest that could contain iconography unique to the neighborhood as well as the city, and from that I developed a logo and voice that was later extended to home and away jerseys, beer koozies and even a line of laser-engraved thank you cards for a few dear team members (and Woodbridge residents) who recently closed on a house in the neighborhood.

Tools Used Illustrator, Pen, Paper, Laser Cutter, Rats
Completed June + December 2016
Woodbridge Futbol Club